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By contrast stair guards run horizontally along a flat area with a drop on the other side. Played in the subways railing is when you bolt down the train tracks right after a train has left the station all the way down to the next station.

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RAILING used as a noun is rare.

Railing down meaning. Railed incidentily sounding like Nailed Hun Im 15 and I knew what that meant. COBUILD Advanced English Dictionary. A fence made from metal bars is called a railing or railings.

To pour or fall down on someone or something in a shower from above. Material for making rails or rails collectively. Down refers to a train traveling away from its headquarters ie the homing railway or from its Divisional headquarters whichever is closer.

A fence or barrier made of rails. A row of posts and the wooden or metal bar on top of them that are used on stairs to hold on to. For private railway operators the designation of up or down if at all usually relies on where the company is headquartered as up.

One is usually sweating profusely after being railed or the one doing the railing. Definition of railing against in the Idioms Dictionary. Trains are often referred to as going up or down what does this mean.

Stair railing runs on the stair incline up and down. Railing definition a fencelike barrier composed of one or more horizontal rails supported by widely spaced uprights. Fence rails barrier paling More Synonyms of railing.

It steadies the sprit and can be used to control the sails performance during a tack. Its function is usually to provide a safety barrier at the edge of a verticle drop to prevent falls. A fence balustrade or barrier that consists of rails supported by posts Meaning pronunciation translations and examples.

Outside there is a gravelled area to the front of the house enclosed. The iron railings of the convent grounds. The objective of course is to make it to the next one alive.

A barrier consisting of a horizontal bar and supports. Bombs continue to rain down on the city from the enemy bombardment. If you are standing with many people behind a railing then this can often be a sign of having others holding you back and can indicate friends or social life choices that are keeping you held back.

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Up refers to a train traveling towards its headquarters or divisional HQ whichever is closer. Green spaces will fenced off with metal railings and boulders to prevent access by motorbikes and cars. A rope line leading from the gaff to either side of the deck used to prevent the gaff from sagging.

Stair Railing and Stair Guards. He walked out on to the balcony where he rested his arms on the railing. The traditional round is played directly after the last passenger train has left which is trailed then by the midnight express.

It usually involves kinky and dirty positions. Rail also means to scold someone abusively. What does railing against expression mean.

Material for making rails. Stair railing and stair guards though they may sound like the same thing are different. A barrier made of a rail or of rails together with vertical supports.

A barrier consisting of a rail and supports. Walking down a staircase in a dream means that the person concerned should concentrate more on his emotional world and his unconscious mind. Confetti and streamers rained down on the crowd of onlookers.

The typical railing in the interior of structures or on porches has a horizontal rail near waist height and multiple vertical supports. Put against the wall. A structure made of a rail often connecting a series of upright members that is used as a guard or barrier or for support as on a balcony or.

Normally the mines were inland and higher than sea level so the coal was transported down to sea level where the docks were. You can assume that all public surfaces like stair railings ATM machine keys etc. Dirt and debris rained down on us following the explosion.

If the dreaming climbs a staircase in a dream the psychological dream interpretation means to him that in the future he should turn more to the spiritual things in his life. This word refers to a vulgar and aggressive way to have intercourse. Consider what is holding you back from attaining your own dreams at this time.

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What would you do to. Intercourse that is hard usually lasting for some time. At the same time the business has also been approached to fit safety railings and fencing at a site in Droylsden.

Definitions by the largest Idiom Dictionary. For example Oh my god that dude is so sexy I want him to rail me. Hun think about it.

One of a pair of ropes leading from the deck to the head of a spritsail. The one getting railed or the one railing may sweat profusely. Thus the direction away from the mine became known as down and the return trip as up.

Tracks were laid from mines to docks. For JR Group trains trains going towards the capital Tokyo are up trains while those going away from the capital are down trains. The bulk of coal was sent by sea because roads were so bad.

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